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. . . an unquestionable innovation in the approach to the archaeological materials; it sheds new light on human evolution, the beginnings of art and consciousness, and the earliest religions of humankind. . . . I find his work truly pioneering, stimulating, and opening gates widely for new studies and new insights . . . . In this period of the existential crisis of modern man, we should learn more and more of our ancestors' spirituality, their consciousness, and more about the participation mystique with nature, and how they survived for millions of years. Harrod's work would have great relevance to these questions and, in general, to our understanding of the roots of humankind's psychological development and religion. Archaeology cannot continue to be systematically 'cleansed' of all spiritual and human qualities.

Marija Gimbutas
(1921-1994) archaeologist
author Language of the Goddess

. . . an illuminating array of archaeological facts, interpretation of prehistoric art, and sophisticated theory in linguistics to move human knowledge forward about its most inaccessible past.

William Jay Peck
emeritus professor of religion
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

. . . a most valuable and genuine contribution to the field of psychology of religion . . . this approach has significant implications for modern theology. . .

Heinz Westman
(1902-1986) psychotherapist
author The Springs of Creativity

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