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Purpose. OriginsNet seeks to promote international communication and collaboration among origins researchers by hosting a BULLETIN BOARD for new images of palaeoart and for discussion of interpretations.

Subjects of Interest. We are interested in images of possible palaeoart datable to the Oldowan, Early, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic periods of prehistory from around the world.

How to Send. Please email comments on images or site that you want posted on bulletin board to OriginsNet. OriginsNet may edit your comments for conciseness.

Please email images as jpeg attachments. (Slides or photos are less preferred and will not be returned.)

Requirements. Priority goes to images which have site name, location, method of dating, reasonably secure dates, along with your interpretation of image and context.

All comments must have name, postal address, and email address.
All images must be accompanied with name and address of discoverer and collector, including email address, credentials, how you want copyright cited.

(Postal and email address will not be published without sender's permission.)

Posting of images is at the discretion of the OriginsNet director and may be reviewed by the board of the Center for Research on the Origins of Art and Religion.

Timeliness. We will attempt to post images on a twice a year basis or more frequently as feasible.

No appraisals. OriginsNet staff do not and will not conduct appraisals or authenticate artifacts. We subscribe to the ArchNet Policy on Requests for Appraisal and/or Sale of Artifacts/Antiquities as well as the positions on trafficking in artifacts established by the Society for American Archaeology, American Anthropological Association and UNESCO.

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