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Email, 2004, Jan Evert Musch, sends potential portrait figurations on handaxes from Swanscombe, illustrations in Roe's The Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Periods in Britain. Also handaxes from Warsash, Hampshire; and from Cuxton.

Email, February 2004, Deborah Goodale-Marchand comments on Gowlett image.

Email, January 2004 , Ursel Benekendorff, submits potential portrait figurations on handaxe in photo from Gowlett's Ascent to civilization.

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April 2003
The OriginsNet Board approved the following Open Letter.

Open Letter: Destruction at the National Museum of Iraq

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Email, March 2000, Ursel Benekendorff and Jan Evert Musch provide excellent comments that help interpret the imagery of flint nodule carvings, from near the 'Paleolithic Sanctuary', Har Karkom, which are produced in a style (white cortex nodules with often only few flake removals to indicate stereotype of animal species) very similar to those from Surrey, England and elsewhere in Europe, which may be attributed to late Neanderthalers. I have added their comments with respect to particular images throughout the gallery Middle Paleolithic: HK Surrey-Like Flints Gallery

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