Jan Evert Musch, Animal Farm,1986/1990

Without comment on the pros and cons of particular identifications, OriginsNet presents in this and a second gallery images that highlight the key writings of Jan Evert Musch identifying and describing Early Palaeolithic and Middle Palaeolithic stone sculptures from Northwest Europe. The purpose of these two galleries is to show trends in sculpture styles over time, how artists used standardized templates to schematize and abstractly represent particular animal species, some of the stoneworking techniques used to make stone sculptures, and to stimulate and educate the eye to more easily recognize stone sculptures in the field.

This gallery presents images from J. E. Musch's 1986 (revised 1990) paper Animal Farm: Palaeolithic Sculptures from the Northwest European Plains. The title, taken from George Orwell's satirical novel of the same name, is an ironic comment on the dogma that there is no art prior to Homo sapiens.

Photo © as noted; citations as noted.

a)af b)afbear c)afbis d)afrhino e)afeleph
a)af.jpg b)afbear.jpg c)afbis.jpg d)afrhino.jpg e)afeleph.jpg
f)afflathds g)afflathds2 h)aferect i)afhds j)afhds2
f)afflathds.jpg g)afflathds2.jpg h)aferect.jpg i)afhds.jpg j)afhds2.jpg
k)afhd3 l)afhds3 m)affem n)affem2 o)afstntq
k)afhd3.jpg l)afhds3.jpg m)affem.jpg n)affem2.jpg o)afstntq.jpg

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