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The search for origins is a fundamental formative principle of human consciousness. We witness it in the search for the origins of life, the origins of species, the origins of the universe, the origins of culture, the origins of humanness.

  • The "nostalgia for origins" reflects the human religious spirit as the desire for a repetition, renewal and regeneration of our creative origins.

  • It means old beginnings and new beginnings, and it means eternity.

  • "Origins" means the fons et origo, the fountain, the source, the waters of life, the depths, the springs of the creative process, our religious, spiritual and creative imagination, both collective and individual and in all living beings.

  • "Researching origins" means going back, retrieving and reclaiming things long forgotten. It means remembering, recovering and witnessing.

  • "Remembering our origins" means rediscovering the deep springs of our individual and collective healing, creativity, and self-knowing.

  • Understanding "origins' can loosen and free up our sense of individual and collective history, karma, fate, and destiny.

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