UP Gallery #1 Animals and Quaternions

Comment: These are images of animals are typical of Upper Paleolithic European rock art found in caves. As I have argued (see Publications), by the time of the Magdalenian, there appears to be a religious symbol system in which four animal symbols, horse, bison, ibex and deer, are structured in a complementarity relationship or 'quaternion'. Once utilized in such a semiotic system, the animal symbols can function as a complex, multi-leveled mnemonic device, an 'encyclopedia' of Magdalenian social and naturalist knowledge and spiritual values.

Photo © as noted

a) Lasx ibexes b) Cougnac ibex c)Lasx Stag d) Las Chimeneas deer e) Covalanus deer
a) Lasx ibexes.jpg b) Cougnac ibex ... c)Lasx Stag.jpg d) Las Chimeneas... e) Covalanus dee...
f) Altamira boar g) FdG wolf (Breuil) h) Chauvet hyena panther i) Santamamini bear j) Chauvet bear skull
f) Altamira boar... g) FdG wolf Bre h) Chauvet hyena... i) Santamamini b... j) Chauvet bear ...
k) Chauvet owl l) Chauvet bison-man m) Lasx Unicorn n) Niaux Quaternion o) LePortal Quaternion
k) Chauvet owl.jpg l) Chauvet bison... m) Lasx Unicorn.jpg n) Niaux Quatern... o) LePortal Quat...

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