Groß Pampau, GR, c. 500,000 BP, Site, Characteristic Tools, Bifaces / h)pampaubifaces1to7

Several bifaces ('handaxes') from Groß Pampau compared to similar style bifaces from Olduvai Gorge and Cognac, France. This comparison supports the dating Groß Pampau palaeoart as predominatly OIS 13 = c. 500,000 BP with some older Middle Acheulian materials mixed in.

1 = Groß Pampau; 2 = Groß Pampau; 3 = Groß Pampau;
4 = Olduvai Gorge, cast Gröningen University, c. 500,000 BP (Masek Bed);
5= Cognac, France, cast, late Abbevillian, c. 500,00 BP;
6= Groß Pampau; 7 = Groß Pampau.

Photo © Ursel Benekendorff. Collection Ursel Benekendorff. The site is documented in Benekendorff, U. (1990). From the information recorder stone to a picture book of the stone age. Archaeologische Berichten 20:14-28 and 43-65 (Elst, NL).

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