Har Karkom HK190, HK190b--Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition

Sites HK190 and 190b are large Middle Palaeolithic stations located on the northern edge of the Har Karkom mesa (Negev, Israel) with a panoramic view of the northern valley.

HK190 consists of six hutfloors, with one very large oval, 16x5m in size. Flint tools showing Levallois technique are primarily of the Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition (MAT) [which in Israel is dated to around.120-186,000 BP].

HK190b consists of one large oval-shaped hutfloor, 16x5 m. It also has flints of the Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition.

Nearby at HK/190c there is an undated geoglyph made of white stones on the hamada black ground. It is 8x3 m in size. It has 2 stone slabs as a "head" and 2 small standing stones as "feet". On the "body" there seems to be a representation of a vaguely anthropomorphic shape with 2 lateral lines of stones as "arms" and a stone having the natural shape of an animal head. A flint boulder, a flint perforated object and two flint-perforated objects were at its feet. [Anati, E. (1996). Archaeological expedition Har Karkom: Description of sites, March 1996. Capo di Ponte, Italy: Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici; and http://www.harkarkom.com/Hkcorpus100-199.php]

Photo © James Harrod; Emmanuel Anati, CCSP; or as otherwise cited. All James Harrod site photos taken on Emmanuel Anati Har Karkom Expedition, April 1996

a) way to HK190 snake b) HK190 panorama 371px c) HK190 pick d) HK190 rhomboid fem e) HK190 2nd triangular fem
a) way to HK190 ... b) HK190 panoram... c) HK190 pick .jpg d) HK190 rhomboi... e) HK190 2nd tri...
f) HK190 2nd fem obverse g) HK190 3rd fem h) HK190 3rd fem side view i) HK190 3rd fem top-zoom j) HK 190b tri-fem
f) HK190 2nd fem... g) HK190 3rd fem... h) HK190 3rd fem... i) HK190 3rd fem... j) HK 190b tri-f...
k) HK 190b tri-fem2 l) HK190b tri-fem obverse m) HK190b tri-fem rt n) HK190b tri-fem left side o) HK190b tri-fem
k) HK 190b tri-f... l) HK190b tri-fe... m) HK190b tri-fe... n) HK190b tri-fe... o) HK190b tri-fe...
p) HK190b tri-fem q) HK190b rt cor. eleph r) HK190b rt corner2 s) HK190b 2nd eleph t) HK190b 2nd eleph2
p) HK190b tri-fe... q) HK190b rt cor... r) HK190b rt cor... s) HK190b 2nd el... t) HK190b 2nd el...
u) HK190b top-back view v) Fontmaure + Pampau w) Map Warring Tribes x) HK sunset coming home
u) HK190b top-ba... v) Fontmaure + P... w) Map Warring T... x) HK sunset com...

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