Jan Evert Musch, AB 18 (1987) and AB 20 (1990) articles

First credit for identifying zoomorphic, ‘head/profile/mask’ and ‘female’ motifs in the stone assemblages from Northwest European CCC and Heidelbergian sites dating to the Early Paleolithic as well as Middle Paleolithic and later traditions goes to the University of Hamburg archaeologist Walther Matthes. Similar discoveries were later made by the Archaeologishe Berichten (Elst, NL) group, including Jan Evert Musch.

Without comment on the pros and cons of particular identifications or artifact datings, OriginsNet presents in this and a second gallery images that highlight the key writings of Jan Evert Musch identifying and describing Early Palaeolithic and Middle Palaeolithic stone sculptures. The purpose of these galleries then is to show trends in sculpture styles over time, how artists used standardized templates to schematize and abstractly represent particular animal species, some of the stoneworking techniques used to make stone sculptures, and to stimulate and educate the eye to more easily recognize possible stone sculptures in the field.

Photo © as noted; citations as noted.

a)brbisschm b)123upmp c)norgbr d)norgbis e)4567
a)brbisschm.jpg b)123upmp.jpg c)norgbr.jpg d)norgbis.jpg e)4567.jpg
f)9101112 g)smild1 h)smild2 i)mpescal1 j)mpescal2
f)9101112.jpg g)smild1.jpg h)smild2.jpg i)mpescal1.jpg j)mpescal2.jpg
k)upart l)mesoart m)neolart n)nnlfemwch o)rijckholtmphd
k)upart.jpg l)mesoart.jpg m)neolart.jpg n)nnlfemwch.jpg o)rijckholtmphd.jpg

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