MP Gallery #4b - HK86b Paleolithic Sanctuary, MP-UP Transition, c. 47-38,000 BP

Comment: This is the second in a series of image galleries of the Paleolithic Sanctuary, site HK86b at Har Karkom. These standing stones are on the north side of the Sanctuary.

Photo © James Harrod; Emmanuel Anati, CCSP; or as otherwise cited. All James Harrod site photos taken on Emmanuel Anati Har Karkom Expedition, April 1996.

 (i) N phal stone (a) stone circle N (b) stone 1 N (c) stone 2 N (d) N phal+head
(i) N phal ston... (a) stone circle... (b) stone 1 N.jpg (c) stone 2 N.jpg (d) N phal+head.jpg
(e) head+phal ArV (f) N stones SW (g) N stones N (h) N phal+1+2 (j) N phal obv
(e) head+phal Ar... (f) N stones SW.jpg (g) N stones N.jpg (h) N phal+1+2.jpg (j) N phal obv.jpg
(k) N big fem stone 3 (l) N head+owl (m) N owl stonea (n) N fem stone 4 (o) owl stoneb
(k) N big fem st... (l) N head+owl.jpg (m) N owl stonea... (n) N fem stone ... (o) owl stoneb .jpg

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