HK23b, Har Karkom, Israel, North West Corner

HK23b. 7 heaps of stones. Each one has a standing stone with anthropomorphic shapes. Behind this to the south is another heap, which might be a tomb. To the west there is a trail, which seemingly leads to nowhere, but in fact leads to a flat stone with a group of stones arranged in a triangular shape. The 3 corners are oriented to north, southeast, northwest. Finds: Flint (Bronze Age C) in small quantity.

Further up on the plateau, site HK23 is a large Paleolithic statin with 4 flint workshops, 7 hutfloors in a row connected by a trail, a semicircle of flat stones, possibly a hearth, an altar with anthropomorphic stone, 3 flint nodules and a stone circle, several geoglyphs, and a white pebble with 5 engraved dots. Finds are Early Paleolithic (handaxe), Middle Paleolithic (Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition), Upper Paleolithic and BAC (E. Anati at

This gallery shows various geometric stones associated with the 23b stone heaps. While 23b tools may belong to the BAC tradition, these geometrics seem more ancient, some handaxe-like, or perhaps more recent, analogous to Islamic patterns.

Photo © James Harrod. All James Harrod site photos taken on Emmanuel Anati Har Karkom Expedition, April 1996.

a) hk23b nw siteview b) hk23b nw pilhead1 c) hk23b nw triangle2 d) hk23b nw rhombfem3 e) hk23b nw hexfem4
a) hk23b nw site... b) hk23b nw pilh... c) hk23b nw tria... d) hk23b nw rhom... e) hk23b nw hexf...
f) hk23b nw rhombfem5 g) hk23b nw pentfem6
f) hk23b nw rhom... g) hk23b nw pent...

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